Project Portfolio (a select few of our successful projects)



Waukegan River-Water Quality and River Bank Stabilization

Deigan & Associates, LLC (D&A) had an integral role in the Waukegan River Stream Bank Stabilization project for the City of Waukegan. Deigan & Associates successfully prepared a winning $350,000 U.S. EPA Great Lakes Shoreline Cities Infrastructure Grant awarded to the City of Waukegan in Spring 2014 for riparian zone enhancements for this section of the Waukegan River. D&A was contracted for the design, bidding, construction management, and grant reporting for the project. Learn More



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Former Lakeshore Foundry Abandoned Property Management and Clean Up
D&A was retained to address a RCRA Corrective Action Consent Order for the 100 year old brass foundry building. Our work included RCRA Corrective Action Plans, demolition management, asbestos surveys, hazmat inventory, bid specs, and cleanup management. Learn More



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Livingston County Courthouse- Historical Property Restoration
D&A completed pre-renovation asbestos building inspection, lead-based paint inspection, and environmental building condition assessment. We also managed proper disposal and recycling of PCB-containing lamp ballasts and mercury-containing fluorescent lamps while restoring this historic landmark. Learn More




IDOT/ISTHA Highway & Roadwork Environmental

D&A serves as a subcontractor for IDOT and ISTHA Section 669 Environmental Work to construction contractors. We distinguish the contaminated soil areas, prepare plans and reports as well as receive landfill approval to avoid delays for the prime contractor. Learn More